Brother DK-22205 Label Sticker

  • West Malaysia will receive between 15/4/2024 to 18/4/2024
  • East Malaysia will receive between 19/4/2024 to 22/4/2024


  • 3 hours delivery available only for Johor Bahru – More details are in this link
  • All orders are shipped out within 24 hours

★Dk-22205 durable auxiliary factory continuous label tape (62mm black letters on white)★

✓High-quality durable label
✓The back is a sticky sticker
✓Environmentally friendly paper paper rolls, recyclable, love the earth together

The middle material of this label paper may be deformed due to external force squeezing or too thick when received. Please tear off the middle paper roll from the edge to make it thinner. You can turn it smoothly, thank you.

Width: 62mm
Length: 30.48 meters
Color: black on white
Material: high-quality three-proof thermal paper, waterproof and durable, clear printing
Applicable models: QL-500/QL-550/QL-570/QL-580N/QL-650TD/QL-700/QL-800/QL-1050/QL-1060N.